Acai Berry: The well-kept secret of Amazon

For many years, the Acai berry has been a well-kept secret of the Amazon rainforest. The rainforests of the Amazon are thought to hold the key to treating many ailments and common diseases, and for thousands of years the indigenous peoples of the Amazon region have known about the many health-enhancing benefits of the Acai berry.

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The Acai berry grows wild on top of many palm trees that are native to the rainforests of Brazil and the Amazon basin. Local farmers in the area harvest the fruit of the tree, and it is used to make a healthful fruit pulp. This fruit pulp is then quickly frozen in order to preserve its nutrient value.

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The Acai berry itself is a deep purple color, and it is quite rich in a number of important nutrients, including many of the most valuable antioxidant vitamins.

Major benefits of the Acai berry

The Acai berry is thought to have a significant impact on heart health, and on the health of the cardiovascular system. In particular, it contains a very high concentration of compounds known as anthocyanin. These compounds are the same ones thought to be responsible for giving red wine its widely reported health benefits.

In addition to these anthocyanin, Acai berries are known to contain large amounts of protein and fiber, as well as both omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. These omega fatty acids have been studied for years as a way to protect the heart from damage, and they may be able to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, thereby providing possible protection from heart attacks, strokes and other common cardiovascular complications.

These anthocyanin are known to have significant health benefits, and they are the subjects of many studies. Many people are looking

for ways to capture the many health benefits that have been associated with the consumption of red wine, but without the calories and other negative consequences of red wine consumption. The rich, delicious fruit of the Acai berry may be able to provide these important health benefits.

Perhaps the most important health benefit, however, is its strong impact on the aging process. As a matter of fact, it is generally acknowledged to be one of the top superfoods for anti-aging. The antioxidant benefits, combined with the fatty acids it contains, make this one of the most important superfoods on the market.

The acai berry is thought to have an antioxidant content which is a full 10 times greater than that found in grapes, and twice as high as those found in blueberries. As a matter of fact, it is widely acknowledged to have the highest nutritional value of any fruit in the world, and this has earned it the acai berry the title of superfood.

Additional information: For such a tiny fruit, the Acai berry seems to have a great many heart healthy benefits, and the secret that has been part of Amazon culture for thousands of years is slowly spreading to the rest of the world. The Acai berry is a rich source of antioxidant vitamins, protein, fiber and heart protecting fatty acids, and it has an important role to play in protecting our good health.

Acai berries can be purchased whole and eaten as part of a healthy diet, but they are most often encountered in juice form. Acai berry juice is widely available both in health food stores and from many Internet retailers. As with other kinds of juice, it is important to ensure that the Acai berry juice you buy is made with 100% pure juice, and that it contains no artificial ingredients or added sugar.

As the popularity of the Acai berry continues to grow, and as its value to good health continues to get out, it is likely that this little purple fruit will become more widely available. In coming years, Acai berries are likely to be available at traditional grocery stores and supermarkets in addition to health food stores and Internet retailers.

When choosing between products made with the Acai berry, it is important to choose only the highest quality products, and to look for products that have been frozen quickly after harvest. How the Acai berries are handled after harvest can have a significant impact on their health benefits, so it is important to buy your Acai berry juice from those who use the best manufacturing methods.

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