11 Quickest Ways To Cure Fatty Liver

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Quickest Ways To Cure For Fatty Liver 1. Avoid carbohydrate Excess carbohydrate like whole grain, sugar are converted into fat which is called triglycerides, then stored in your liver which causes fatty liver. So, avoid fruit juice, sugared drinks, soft drinks, whole grain in your diet. Instead of these, take fruits and vegetables. 2. Avoid … Read more

Fatty Liver Disease Treatment You Need To Know

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Fatty Liver Disease Treatment: In advance stages NAFDL or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease can cause any of the three diseases viz. NASH or non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, Fibrosis or Liver Cirrhosis. NAFDL generally doesn’t has any professed symptoms, however at later stages inflammation in liver or slight pain in upper abdomen may occur. At this level expert … Read more

How Important Are Micronutrients?


In the modern-day world, we are constantly blasted with often contradicting information about nutrition. Some people swear by the importance of protein and animal products, while others tell us it’s all about the caloric balance. Now, because fat, protein and carbohydrates are taking the majority of the attention, one thing remains quite ignored… That is … Read more

Could Fatty Liver Heal Itself?

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There are many important organs in our human body like liver, kidney, lung and heart. Liver is responsible for performing very important tasks. If you suffer from liver disease, normal operations are hampered. Fatty liver is a type of chronic liver disease. Could Fatty Liver Heal Itself? It is a good question but you have … Read more

Fatty Liver Pain : Causes and Treatments

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Fatty liver disease sometimes brings a mild pain underneath the ribcage. It’s a common symptom and nothing to worry about. If the fatty liver pain is recurring, you need to visit your doctor to detect the extent of the disease. Primary investigations and sometimes image reading will enable the physician to detect the extent of … Read more

The 4-Step Fatty Liver Diet Plan

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NAFLD or Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease has become more common these days. Today, let’s learn about the 4 steps fatty liver diet plan. Unhealthy life style, less sleep, less physical movements and more affinity towards fast foods have made this disease wide spread in Western Countries. We are adding a lot of fatty liver diet … Read more

First Drug for Fatty Liver Disease Is Coming

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Intercept Pharmaceuticals officials say their new drug performed well in a phase III clinical trial, so they’ll ask for FDA approval. Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), a type of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, is a tough condition to live with — namely because there are no drugs on the market designed to treat it. That could soon … Read more

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease diet


NAFLD, or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is a condition where excess fat in our body is deposited on the liver. As we all know liver is a vital organ for our digestive system, hence deposition of fat starts to defunct its various activities. In the initial phase NAFLD doesn’t pose any serious problem nor does … Read more

Fatty Liver Diseases: Causes and diet plans

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You may not have heard of fatty liver diseases, or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease to be specific. But chances are, you know someone who has it. As a dietitian in private practice, it’s becoming increasingly common for me to tailor diets for clients who’ve been diagnosed with a build-up of fat in their liver. If … Read more

Self-motivation tips when working from home

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9 self-motivation tips What does it mean to ‘be your own boss’? If you’re working from home you know exactly what it means. You probably have exterior deadlines to meet—but what if you don’t? What if your motivation has to come completely from within? We grow up in a system that provides assignments, checkpoints, and … Read more