Livatrex: Vegan Liver Support

  • Restore Healthy Liver and Gallbladder Function – Powerful blend of herbs help to cleanse the liver and eliminate toxins. These herbs are rich in antioxidants and plant-based nutrients that gently detoxify & flush the liver of deposits for active care.
  • Aids In Healthy Digestive System – Helps the liver efficiently break down fats and promotes healthy lipid profiles. Contains ingredients like turmeric to help soothe the digestive tract. Support’s body’s production of bile to eliminate waste easily.
  • Liver Protection – Livatrex helps the body produce glutathione, a protective antioxidant to keep the liver in a normal, regular state. In addition, glutathione is an integral part of the immune system and key functions of the liver to be healthy.
  • Raw Herbal Extract Technology – Separates and recombines all the elements of a plant to unlock its powerful healing essence. Blend of highly bioavailable, plant-based compounds to support vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.
  • Manufactured In The USA – Our Livatrex is manufactured in our own, state-of-the-art cGMP certified facility in Phoenix, Arizona. We pride ourselves on quality, which is why all bottles come with a 1-year guarantee, produced right here in the USA.


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Milk Thistle Chanca Piedra Herb Chicory Root Dandelion Root Reishi Mushroom Turmeric Extract
Benefits Milk thistle supports liver function and helps stimulate the normal production of bile for digestion. Known as “stone crusher “, assists the body in the elimination of both gallbladder & kidney deposits and helps detoxify and protect the liver. Contains inulin which is an important prebiotic that can help support intestinal flora and promote gut health. A great cleansing herb that assists the liver and kidneys in eliminating waste products. Helps increase energy, stimulate the immune system, and helps detox the body to build a strong resistance for the liver. Provides high levels of antioxidants in the form of curcuminoids which can ease irritation and swelling.
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Oxy-Powder Turmeric Aloe Fuzion CoQ10/BioPQQ Plant-Based Vein Health
USDA Organic
Intestinal Cleanse
Balanced Mood
Heart Health
Immune Support
Cognitive Function
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