Zesno: Introducing our Digital Marketing partner

Zesno is an extremely affordable digital marketing agency which specializes in growing early-staged businesses and personal websites from 0 to 1. They have a wide range of services catered to the needs of many starters, including branding design, website setup, form marketing, business strategy, mobile application development, and etc.

Fatty Liver Guide has partnered with Zesno for different projects for the past 7 years. The most recent one is to revamp a new logo that we can be proud of (read here). The result was stunning and the team was so nice; hence, we would like to share with you about this awesome little gem that we’ve found.

A list of Zesno’s services

Here are some of the services that Zesno provides:

Tip: You can tell them (Zesno) that you are referred from Fatty Liver Guide to get 10% discount. Enjoy!

About Yogi

Yogi is a passionate advocate for liver health and an esteemed expert in the field of fatty liver disease. With years of experience working in clinical settings and a deep understanding of the complexities of liver-related conditions, she brings a compassionate and evidence-based approach to her work. Her expertise lies in providing practical advice, educational resources, and empowering individuals with the knowledge to take control of their liver health.

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