Flamingo: Combine physical art with digital NFT

As art lovers, we believe that Flamingo (flamingo.trade) is an interesting art and collectibles trading platform that Fatty Liver Guide loves to feature. Flamingo has an innovative idea of bundling physical collectibles with digital NFTs with the help from blockchain technology.

We happen to know Flamingo through an introduction of our Vietnamese partner who makes this organic herbal tea to cure fatty liver diseases.

What is Flamingo (in a nutshell)?

Flamingo, besides an online gallery, provides an innovative solution to help both sellers and buyers trade arts and collectibles more comfortably and profitably. Flamingo started out from Vietnam – a vibrant country with rich culture, many talented artists and underrated artworks.

  • Vision: To create a safe, sound and simple to use asset-backed NFT trading platform
  • Mission: Fun, Free and Fair like a Flamingo: To inspire and empower the next generation of artists and collectors in the world of value creation, retention and expansion.

In addition, Flamingo actively scouts for hidden gems (potential artists) and promote them internationally.

ha nguyen tri
Ha Nguyen Tri is an artist in residence at Flamingo. He attended different art exhibition, including Nordart in Germany.


– Asset-backed NFT: We bundle arts and collectibles with NFT so that buyers  acquire both digital and physical assets and have more option to use/leverage their assets.

– Authenticity-backed by technology: Flamingo uses two layers of protection. Firstly, NFT offers the traceability and transparency for arts & collectibles. Secondly, we use DeviantArt Protect, which provides state-of-the-art image recognition software to scan the Internet and detect potential art infringements.

– Liquidity improvement: Since physical arts and collectibles are often regarded as unliquidated. NFT is a new technology that improve owners’ chance to trade their assets.

– Tax Efficiency: Flamingo offers a ‘Vault’ service to keep arts and collectibles safe and tax-free without the need to ship them physically to the owners. The assets can later be donated to charity for tax deduction or used for art lending as an investment instrument.

– Waste Reduction: Since we minimize the asset delivery part, we reduce the carbon dioxide emission, paperwork and time wasted for those kinds of activity.

Flamingo has partnered with the Mekong Art club, one of the oldest art clubs in Vietnam


– Authenticity service: For artists and collectibles owners, getting their assets verified and backed by modern technology gives them peace of mind and a competitive edge over competitors.

– An innovative platform to sell and trade: Bundling physical assets with digital NFTs is an innovative idea to benefit buyers/traders/collectors; hence, it is more likely to improve the sales compared to those of other traditional platforms.

– Lifetime royalty: The original artists/sellers of assets listed on Flamingo receive a lifetime royalty whenever their assets are traded, thanks to the benefit of smart contract integrated with NFTs. Read more about this benefit HERE.

– FREE virtual exhibition: Seller/Artist who sold at least 1 item on Flamingo could request to get their collection featured on a dedicated virtual exhibition (for example). Please send a request with your profile link to hello@flamingo.trade to get this freebie.

FREE NFTs: Yes, you do NOT have to pay for the NFTs associated with your items listed on Flamingo. Minting NFTs is neither free nor easy; however, Flamingo will give you a hand to get started on this innovative platform.

How to contact Flamingo?

Flamingo is actively looking for partners and investors to join and develop the platform. If you are interested, you may drop a message at hello@flamingo.trade or +84 938 333 525 (Johny).

In the future, Farmvina hopes to collaborate with Flamingo to bring more value to underprivileged people in Vietnam and, by that, provide more quality products and services to the world. We aim to become a bridge to connect Vietnam and other countries in any meaningful way that we can.

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