How to boost your metabolism and burn fat?

How to boost your metabolism and burn fat?

If you’re over 40, you likely have a “fatty liver”, which means that extra fat is being stored in the actual liver cells. This extra fat slows the organ down in its efforts to process toxins and burn fat. Thankfully, the natural solutions below can quickly help heal the liver to boost your metabolism — curing tiredness and making weight loss so much easier!

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Eat eggs.

Enjoying two large eggs daily could cut your risk of a sluggish, fatty liver by as much as 80 percent! University of North Carolina researchers say eggs brim with choline — a B vitamin that heals and energizes liver cells, doubling their fat-burning powers. Other great sources include fish and cruciferous vegetables. Taking 300 mg. of choline daily can also help — try this one from Nusa Pure.

Note: Make sure to check with your doctor before starting on any new supplement.

Soak up the sun.

Relaxing outdoors — without sunscreen — for 15 minutes daily could cut your risk of fatty liver disease in half, plus help burn off up to 50 percent of any fat stores already slowing it down, recent research suggests. UV light exposure prompts your skin to make vitamin D3, which switches on the liver enzymes that burn trapped fats for fuel.

Enjoy sweet fruit.

Berries, grapes, clementines — this is the time of year to satisfy your sweet tooth guilt-free, and your liver will thank you if you do! A Brazilian review of studies suggests that noshing on fruit instead of sugar-laden cookies and donuts reverses fatty liver disease — and will cut your risk of this energy-sapping ill by 50 percent if your liver is in great shape right now.

sweet fruits

Walk around.

Just 30 minutes (all at once or in smaller bursts) of walking will cut your risk of a fatty liver by 35 percent, plus help you burn off 39 percent of your liver’s stored fats if it’s already clogged, British researchers report. Exercise even helps Type 2 diabetics, who are prone to fatty liver disease.

Sip on wine.

Great news for wine lovers: University of California researchers say drinking four ounces of red or white wine daily cuts your risk of a fatty liver by 49 percent! Thanks goes to wine’s rich stores of liver-nourishing compounds, phenolics.

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