Could Fatty Liver Heal Itself?

There are many important organs in our human body like liver, kidney, lung and heart. Liver is responsible for performing very important tasks. If you suffer from liver disease, normal operations are hampered. Fatty liver is a type of chronic liver disease.

Could Fatty Liver Heal Itself?

It is a good question but you have to know first about fatty liver. Fatty liver is nothing but the accumulation of too much fats or lipids into your liver cells. When fat accumulates into your liver cells at greater than 5% by weight, fatty liver symptom starts. But, when fat gathering is higher than 10%, more complications can start.

There are mainly two types of fatty liver diseases – alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver. There are many causes for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease such as your diet contains too much fat that cannot burn at all or you are dealing an idle lifestyle or you are taking several medicines or you have hepatitis C or certain conditions like inflammatory bowel disease etc. This type of disease tends to obesity or insulin resistance. It measures according to your BMI (Body Mass Index). When BMI is higher than or equal to 30, obesity can occur. If you are taking too much alcohol, then it tends to Alcoholic fatty liver disease. This disease actually injuries your liver but not damage fully.

Could Fatty Liver Heal Itself? Now coming to the point- if your fatty liver is in less severe form, then it can be healed with proper treatment. But, if you are suffering from serious fatty liver, it is not possible to reverse your liver. In that case, the only solution is liver transplantation.

Liver has the ability to regenerate and repair itself. But, it cannot do fully by itself – it needs your assistance. So, if you show symptoms of fatty liver, you must help your liver to recover itself.

• Avoid high carbohydrates and sugar

You must cut the white rice, cereals, sugar and white bread from your diet if you show symptoms of fatty liver. You can take brown rice and whole grain bread instead.

• Take balanced and healthy diet

Take more vegetables, fruits, milk, protein and good “fats” as your diet. You can take cold-water fish for consumption of omega 3 fatty acids, which is absolutely necessary for cell repairing.

• Stop Alcohol:

If you have alcoholic fatty liver, you must forget about drinking forever. If you have non-alcoholic fatty liver, you should limit your drinking. For healing the liver itself from fatty liver, you must maintain this policy.

stop alcohol

• Proper exercise

If obesity starts, you must reduce your belly fat. Too much fat consumption into your liver should be burned by proper exercises. Exercises include walking, swimming, aerobic exercises, weight lifting, jogging and cycling help your liver become healthier.

• Avoid certain medicines

Certain medicines like Aspirin, Tylenol, steroid can lead to cause your fatty liver. So, you should consult your doctor before taking these medicines.

The above tips will definitely help your liver to heal itself. If you are practicing those tips, your fatty liver will heal by itself. But, if you do not have any symptom of fatty liver, you should also go for healthy diet and exercises.

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