Advanced Weight Loss System To Follow

advanced weight loss system

Have you read the fat loss hacks checklist and the easy weight loss system yet? The advanced weight loss system is similar to the easy weight loss system, just more intense. Keep your daily carb intake under 30 grams Two full body HIIT workouts per week Keep your daily calorie intake under 2000 Get 2-4 … Read more

What Are Liver Function Tests?

Liver Function Tests

Has your doctor ordered liver function tests and you want to learn more about them – how they’re done and what they are supposed to detect? If so, read on and you can get some useful information about the various types of tests that are performed to check out your liver and what you can … Read more

Broccoli helps prevent cancer and NAFLD


You already know broccoli is good for you, but did you know it may ward of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease? According to this March 2016 study, broccoli has the potential to counter NAFLD in addition to its well-known anti-cancer development properties. The study, which bears the ponderous name Dietary Broccoli Lessens Development of Fatty Liver in Mice … Read more

Do you have food sensitivity?

food sensitivity

Those interested in losing weight and healing their bodies often uncover issues they never knew they had when it comes to food and food reactions. For example, a pre-diabetic patient who is monitoring her blood glucose level may begin to notice patterns of glucose spikes following not just certain specific foods, but food amounts and … Read more

DASH Diet: Should You Try?


The DASH diet is regularly advised by physicians to combat hypertension (high blood pressure). Now experts are saying the program could help individuals suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Should you try it? And if you do, can it really help? Here’s what we found out. What Is the DASH Diet? DASH is an easy-to-remember acronym … Read more

Apple and Fennel Slaw Recipe For You

Apple and Fennel Slaw

Apple and Fennel Slaw In the culinary world, there are many beautiful pairs: salt and pepper, orange and vanilla, fish and lemon. Then there is this one: apple and fennel. The crisp sweet/tart of the apple and the mellow yet vibrant licorice of the fennel, when paired with the creamy dressing, make for an explosion … Read more

If You Have NAFLD, Don’t Avoid Protein Completely


Unless your physician has told you otherwise (certain conditions require limiting or eliminating certain macro food groups), protein has many benefits to a healthy diet. It can aid in weight loss by creating a sensation of fullness, keeping insulin spikes slower (v. the quick rise typically experienced with high amounts of carbohydrates at a sitting), … Read more

Should you stay away from carb? Is carb that bad?


We’ve addressed this issue before (read HERE). But carb remains a hot topic when it comes to weight loss and overall health. A significant percentage (but not all) of NAFLD patients, or individuals who suspect they have a fatty liver condition, are overweight according to current BMI charts. Therefore, many, many people with NAFLD work daily … Read more

Carbs: How important is it to your liver diet?


“I could NEVER give up bread!” That’s often the first thing one hears (or says!) when discussing a low-carb eating plan. But do you have to? Here’s the skinny on how carbs impact weight loss and how you can incorporate the foods you love into your eating plan without sabotaging your weight – or your health. What is … Read more