Himalaya LiverCare

  • WISE CHOICE FOR LIVER DETOX & LIVER CLEANSE: LiverCare promotes the metabolic capacity of your liver and supports toxin-eliminating bile production
  • SUPPORTS THE HEALTH OF YOUR LIVER CELLS: LiverCare addresses free radical damage in your body and promotes cellular lifespan, helping to protect your liver cells and liver enzymes
  • WISE ALTERNATIVE TO MILK THISTLE: Some Milk Thistle products target just detox, whereas LiverCare’s unique blend of Ayurvedic herbs like Capers and Chicory offer plant-based support for a wider range of liver health
  • PLANT-BASED AND NON-GMO VERIFIED: Himalaya LiverCare does not contain ingredients of animal origin and is Non-GMO Verified. It’s magnesium stearate and gluten free, wheat, corn, soy and dairy free, and it comes in a 100% vegetarian capsule
  • QUALITY & SAFETY: Produced in a cGMP Good Manufacturing Practices certified facility, the herbs in LiverCare are rigorously tested for identity and strength, and clinically studied for safety and effectiveness through recognized clinical protocols and highly sophisticated instruments


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Why do I need LiverCare?

No matter how clean our whole food diet might be, it’s impossible to avoid pollutants. Liver health and normal liver regeneration are essential. Your liver is constantly working to filter out harmful toxins and manufacture nutrients for your survival. Clinically studied LiverCare supports liver cells and tissue, and the delicate balance of the specialized enzymes you need to help your liver perform more than 500 different functions, including cleanse and detox. Your liver works hard. But it’s quick, easy and convenient to support it every day with LiverCare.