Fatty Liver Pain : Causes and Treatments

Fatty liver disease sometimes brings a mild pain underneath the ribcage. It’s a common symptom and nothing to worry about. If the fatty liver pain is recurring, you need to visit your doctor to detect the extent of the disease. Primary investigations and sometimes image reading will enable the physician to detect the extent of fattiness.

At the sometime, it should be remembered that pain may occur due to some other reasons or complications too. Anyhow, consulting a physician will enable you to detect the disease precisely.
NASH or non-alcoholic steatohepatitis hepatitis sometimes occur at the post stage of fatty liver. A liver biopsy can detect the disease precisely.

1. There are many causes of fatty liver diseases or NASH. Heart problems, higher cholesterol level in blood, obesity and activities like smoking can cause NAFDL or NASH. People with fatty liver are advised to quit smoking because this causes to reside fats in higher volumes on the liver. Smoking can also cause many other problems in human body including cardio-vascular diseases which in turn enhances liver problems.

2. Researchers have found genetic link of liver fattiness. Those who have family history of the disease is prone to having this disease. So, in such cases liver fattiness may occur without having obesity or smoking addiction. However, controlled eating habits and healthy life style can reduce the chance of NAFDL or NASH.

Treatment of fatty liver pain

The most effective way to prevent or reduce fatty liver condition is maintenance of healthy life style. It doesn’t cause higher expenses on foods or medicines nor does it need to change your regular schedules to habit a healthy life style. Eating healthily low fat and low calorie foods, plenty of water and doing some simple exercises burns out extra fats from liver.

Everyday at least 30 minutes of work out is needed including jogging and freehand exercises. Morning is the perfect time for 30 minutes exercise. However, if don’t get time at morning due to hectic schedule you can chose to do exercises at afternoon or evening also. Those who have scope at evening along with morning time can also invest another 15 to 20 minutes in freehand exercises. If possible, invest some time in swimming, badminton or table tennis too.


As far as the eating habit is concerned, avoid high calorie foods which have high sugar and carbohydrates. Eat complex carbohydrates than simple ones. Complex carbohydrates are delicious and less harmless for our body. Avoid sugar as much as possible. If you’ve other complicates like ischemic heart, high BP or Diabetes then this kind of foods will help you to check other problems as well.

Drink low fat milk if you like to eat milk regularly. It’s better to drink milk before 8PM at night. Fruits are very beneficial for our health, but you should lower the consumption of sweet and juicy fruits like grapes, orange and water melon.

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