What to do When You’re Experiencing Liver Pain

The liver, the largest gland in the body, is usually described as the body’s detox center.

Beyond that, the liver produces bile for breaking down fat, helps regulate levels of vitamins and glucose and produces plasma elements. As far as body functions go, the liver is a workhorse of an organ.

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Because of this, keeping the liver healthy is vital to overall health. Liver pain, especially in conjunction with other health problems, is never something to ignore.

Recognizing Liver Pain

Liver pain is tricky.

Typically it is located in the upper right of the abdomen, but the pain may feel dull and be mistaken for a back or shoulder ache.

Because of the ambiguous nature of liver pain, it’s easy to mistake it for something else and brush it off.

However, trivializing liver pain can lead to further complications and more serious problems.

What can Cause Liver Pain?

Because the liver takes care of many different functions, it can go wrong in many different ways.

All these can cause liver pain, but they are only four of over 100 kinds of liver disease.

Untreated, these can lead to liver enlargement, liver pain, or even cancer.

What to do for Liver Pain?

If you are having sudden liver pain, you should call a doctor immediately.

Your doctor will want to run tests, blood work, and ultrasounds to rule out very serious complications.

If you live with chronic liver pain, perhaps from fatty liver disease, there are a few things you can do.

Stop Drinking

Alcohol in moderation is not a bad thing, but if you are living with liver disease of any kind, you should abstain.

The liver is the gland that processes alcohol, and too much of it can contribute to worse liver function and fat build-up on your liver.

Examine Your Diet

A healthy diet supports healthy bodily function in general, but there are a few foods that help out your liver in particular.

Eat fruits and veggies at every meal, making sure to vary colors and textures so you get the full range of vitamins.

Sweet potatoes and bananas both contain potassium, essential for liver function and detoxification.

Fatty liver disease is more prevalent when the fat content of your body is higher, so make sure you are exercising and maintaining a healthy weight.

Be Safe

Hepatitis is a major cause of liver disease.

Ask you doctor about vaccinations against Hep A and B to protect yourself.

In addition, make sure that you are taking precautions with our eliminating any risky behaviors. Use protection during sexual encounters and don’t share needles during recreational drug use.

When to Call a Doctor

Chances are if you know you have fatty liver disease or some other issue causing liver pain, you already have seen your doctor about a root cause. But it’s important to call them and let them know if you experience any of the following:

Liver pain is not enjoyable, but it is manageable with the right tools. If you want to end your liver pain once and for all, join our course with hundreds of happy learners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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