11 Quickest Ways To Cure Fatty Liver

Quickest Ways To Cure For Fatty Liver

1. Avoid carbohydrate

Excess carbohydrate like whole grain, sugar are converted into fat which is called triglycerides, then stored in your liver which causes fatty liver. So, avoid fruit juice, sugared drinks, soft drinks, whole grain in your diet. Instead of these, take fruits and vegetables.

2. Avoid Flour

Foods coming from flour are also responsible for fatty liver. So, bakery products and pastas should be avoided to cure for fatty liver.

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3. Avoid Red meat fats

Avoid red meats and sausage for more fats in your body. You can add sufficient vegetables like berries, beans, nuts, green leafy vegetables and also fish and chicken in your dieting habit.

4. Do Exercises

You should go for proper aerobic exercises like running, jogging, cycling, walking and swimming daily. These are helpful to reduce your body weight.

5. Take Smaller Meals Frequently

You can take 2 to 3 smaller meals per day instead of one large meal. This efficiently helps to reduce body weight and also is a cure for fatty liver.

6. Stop Alcohol

If you are diagnosed with alcoholic fatty liver , avoid alcohol intake forever. But, if you have non-alcoholic fatty liver, you shoud restrict your alcohol consumption.

7. Take Low Salt, Sugar

As a cure for fatty liver, take low-salt, low-fat and low-sugar diet. A patient with fatty liver must incorporate raw veggies, fruits, unprocessed dairy product into their daily meal.

8. Have Good Sleep

As lack of sleep at the night tends to disturb your metabolism, so excess fat gets stored in your belly. This actually is one of the cause for fatty liver. To reduce your belly fat, you need a proper sleeping habit with 7 to 8 hours at night. We know Omega 3 fatty acids can help increase our sleeping habit. You must take the Omega 3 fatty acid rich foods like cold-water fish, chicken, eggs, legumes, nuts etc.

9. Take Precautions for Medicines

Certain medicines like steroid, Aspirin, Tylenol are responsible for fatty liver. If you are diagnosed with fatty liver, consult your physician for taking appropriate medicine.

10. Take Natural herbs

You can also use natural herbs as a cure for fatty liver. Herbs with antioxidant properties like green tea is helpful for removing toxins from the body and actually improves your liver health.

11. Eat Soy Protein

Recent research showed that soy protein can reduce fatty liver and improve liver functions. You must take the foods like soy milk, yogurt, soybeans and tofu on a daily basis to increase the shortage of soy protein in your body.

Fatty liver is not a disease itself, but it is a symptom and cause of various diseases. Actually, excess fats are accumulated in the waistline and liver cells. Also, this symptom makes the belly expanding and feels heavier. The fatty liver symptoms tend to liver inflammation, liver cancer and cirrhosis. So, cure for fatty liver is essential and urgent for any individuals.

Due to fatty liver, there are different diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart attacks and even cancer. There are different treatments for curing your fatty liver.

The above tips can help and aid as a quick cure for fatty liver. Along with the above tips, you can go for some natural herbs. For example, seed of Milk thistle, golden seal, barberry herbs and dandelion are powerful herbs to heal liver cells and to restore proper functioning of damaged liver.

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