Basil: Your reliable DNA protectant


While basil is now grown throughout the world, it is native to India, Africa and Asia, and basil is widely used in a variety of world cuisines, including Thai cooking, Italian cuisine, Vietnamese culture and Laotian cuisine. The name basil comes from an old Greek word “basilikohn”, which translates to royal. This name origin reflects … Read more

Rosemary: A memory enhancer for your diet


Although it is now grown throughout the temperate regions of Europe and the Americas, rosemary is actually native to the Mediterranean region. Rosemary has been prized as both a seasoning and as an herbal medicine for thousands of years. For many years, rosemary was thought to help improve and strengthen memory, and it is still … Read more

Green Tea: High concentration of polyphenols

green tea

Green tea, like black tea and oolong tea, is derived from the tea plant and it is thought to have originated in the area of the world that now encompasses western China, northern India and the country of Tibet. Chinese legend holds that tea was discovered by the emperor Shen- Nung in the year 2737 … Read more

Salmon: Protect your cardiovascular system


For as many years as there have been people, there have been people who enjoyed the healthful benefits and great taste of salmon. From the countries of Scandinavia and Russia to the United States and Europe, salmon is both a tasty treat and a staple of the diet. While salmon are found swimming in many … Read more

Goji Berry: The most important anti-aging food

goji berry

The goji berry is native to the Himalayans, and it grows well in this harsh environment. The natives of the Himalayan region were among the first to discover the important health benefits of this important food. The goji berry has long enjoyed an honored place in the world of Oriental medicine, and it has been … Read more

Oranges: Rich in antioxidant vitamins


Orange trees grow in tropical locations around the world but they are best known in the southern and western parts of the United States. In the U.S., oranges are big business in Florida and California, as well as in Georgia and other southern states. Major benefits of oranges in the diet Oranges and other foods … Read more

Pomegranate Fruit: A traditional folk medicine

pomegranate fruit

The pomegranate fruit is common throughout the countries of the Middle East, in Iran and in India, and the pomegranate has long played a role not only in the cuisine but also in the medicine of those traditional cultures. The pomegranate fruit has long been used in traditional folk medicine, and it has played a … Read more