Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease diet

NAFLD, or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is a condition where excess fat in our body is deposited on the liver. As we all know liver is a vital organ for our digestive system, hence deposition of fat starts to defunct its various activities. In the initial phase NAFLD doesn’t pose any serious problem nor does any remarkable problem surface in our body, but with the passage of time organic complicates may start to show their ugly heads.

You shouldn’t worry, here is a good news – at the initial stages the condition, and i.e. NAFLD is completely reversible. Mere medication can’t give you complete relief, since it’s our diet and life style those causes the problem. Just the moment you stop taking medication the problem starts to grow once again.

Some simple exercises and control over the diet is capable enough to cure your disease. Here are some simple but very effective guidelines to give you relief from NAFLD:

  1. Your determination to change your life style is the first step towards reversing the condition of NAFLD.
  2. Plan to take small steps to change your life style. Nothing is going to happen overnight. Your present health condition is the result of a long time habit which may have grown over the years. To rectify the habit you need to take small steps one by one.
  3. Keeping the determination intact is not easy. Sometimes you may find it hard to control the lure of first foods. But don’t despair; ups and downs are part of the process.
  4. A professional dietitian can give you the best advice on what to eat and what not. Following what the dietitian recommends will help you to eat properly. This will also help you to lose weight on regular basis. Always remember that 10% loss of weight will reduce your liver fats to a large extent. Even the professionals opine that key to weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Mere exercising will not reduce your weight until and unless you control your diet seriously. Exercise can burn fats, but that is regained once you start eating fast foods.
  5. Commercial diet plans available in the market can reduce your weight overnight, but those are not capable to reduce fats from your liver. These available diets are planned to accelerate the process of weight loss, but body doesn’t get enough time reconfigure its biological system to assimilate the new process. As a result instead of removal of fats from the liver, it gets more fats. Hence, it will be better to not accept those diet plans.

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Apparently, your body will show all the indications of weight loss in your body life reduced waist area, reduced eye pads and less perspiration while moving or walking but the NAFLD test will reveal negative result once again.

Doctors opine losing one pound weight per week is the ideal process of weight loss. Up to two pounds weight loss per week is acceptable, but any “read made” process available in the market which is promising to give you flat belly fortnightly is harmful for the organs.

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