This Diet Will Rescue Your Liver and Lose Weight

In today’s post, Fatty Liver Guide will walk you through a 9-day diet to help rescue your liver fast and effortlessly. Well, it may require some works, but it is going to get easier when you start.

An overworked liver causes 90 percent of women over 40 to pack on fat. But a breakthrough approach can help heal your liver, boost energy, eliminate stress, and power off inches fast. Discover the life-transforming plan millions of women worldwide swear by!

Anthony William, author of the wildly popular Medical Medium book series, believes our liver has tremendous potential to come back from sluggishness and illness. It just requires the appropriate amount of water, glucose, and mineral salts, along with abundant vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from fruits and vegetables.

“Women want results,” explains William. “And it’s their God-given right to receive the results and the truth they need.” Legions of fans say that William’s advice has provided just that, helping them heal their livers, cure chronic health conditions, and shed unwanted weight in the process. “Your liver wants relief from symptoms and conditions and their underlying causes so you can finally experience the clear skin, mood stabilization, and weight loss you’ve been seeking,” he says.

His two-part plan, which he outlines in his book ($20.99, Amazon), comprises a few days of easy introduction followed by a gradual nine-day detox. See the Medical Medium Diet 3:6:9 plan below.

Sip this water first thing.

“When you get up in the morning, your blood is dirty with toxins and waste your liver has discarded overnight,” William contends. “If you don’t flush out the waste, your liver is forced to reabsorb it, which prevents healing.” He suggests following what he calls a Liver Rescue Morning for a few days before diving into his detox: Drink a glass of lemon/lime water first thing and avoid all fats until after noon.

Take it slow.

William warns that shocking the liver with a radical cleanse won’t work. “Embarking on a cleanse is like jumping off a diving board,” he says. “If it’s not done right, the liver can drown from being shoved into the deep end with no advance warning.” That’s why he recommends a gradual approach to handle your liver with “finesse and care.” To do that, he advises adjusting your diet first by simply cutting back on fats. For example, if you’re eating two avocados a day, he suggests eating just one and replacing the other with spinach, oranges, or potatoes.

Enjoy the “secret weapon.”

If there is a “magic tonic” in William’s diets, it is celery juice. Simply rinse one bunch of celery and run through a juicer, or chop and blend at high speed until smooth, then strain and enjoy. “How much can I praise this alkalinizing, life-giving tonic?” he marvels. Celery juice strengthens your digestive system, helps balance blood pressure and blood sugar, and provides vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and digestive enzymes, William maintains. “It starves pathogens and contains mineral salts with antiviral and antibacterial properties,” he says. “For the liver in particular, celery juice contains yet-to-be-discovered cluster salts that bind onto neurotoxins and other waste to draw them out.”

Start slimming today.

A cornerstone in William’s plan is avoiding foods that hamper functioning of the liver (and other life-sustaining organs), including gluten, dairy, eggs, lamb, pork products, wheat, corn, soy, and canola oil. Load your diet with an abundance of fruit, vegetables, leafy greens and organic, free-range or wild meat, fowl, or fish. His nine-day liver detox calls for starting with 50 percent of your usual fat intake and eliminating fats by the end of the nine-day detox cycle. Three-day increments allow the liver to release toxins at a measured pace, minimizing unpleasant detox symptoms, then enter a deep-cleaning mode that offers relief and renewed vitality.

Now, it’s time to start your Medical Medium Diet 3:6:9. Below is your nine-day detox plan for liver health and healing.

Days 1-3: Gear Up

This first phase gently prepares your liver to detox by having you consume plenty of cleansing water, healing apples, and nontoxic meals.

  • Start each day with 16 oz. of lemon or lime water.
  • Snack on apples, which help hydrate and cleanse the liver, and dates, which William says warm the liver. William recommends eating up to 4 apples and 4 dates a day during this phase.
  • Eat meals within William’s dietary guidelines: mainly fruits and vegetables and no gluten, dairy, eggs, lamb, pork products, wheat, corn, soy, or canola oil.
  • Reduce fat consumption by 50 percent and consume no fats until dinner. Finish the day with a cup of hibiscus or lemon balm tea, as desired.

Liver Rescue Morning Sip: Lemons and limes flush waste accumulated overnight. Squeeze half a lemon or lime into 2 cups of water and enjoy.

Days 4-6: Unpack

  • Stick to nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables and avoid hard-to-digest meat, oil, and nuts, freeing your liver from the job of processing fats.
  • Start with lemon/lime water and then 16 oz. celery juice (recipe below) a half hour later; and a nourishing Liver Rescue Smoothie (recipe below) 20 minutes later.
  • Snack on two healing apples, 1–4 dates, and celery sticks.
  • Lunch and dinner include heaping portions of steamed asparagus and/or Brussels sprouts atop a healing salad of tomatoes, cucumber, celery, leafy greens, and the juice of a lemon, lime, or orange.  Finish the day with hibiscus or lemon balm tea.

Liver Rescue Smoothie: Blend 2 bananas, 1⁄2 cup fresh or frozen dragonfruit, 2 cups fresh or frozen wild blueberries; thin with water as desired.

Day 7-9: Let go.

These liquid-heavy days power the liver to flush out junk. You’ll feel the effects on your body and mood.

  • Start day 7 and 8 with lemon/lime water and 16 oz. celery juice a half hour later; and a Liver Rescue Smoothie 20 minutes later.
  • Snack on two apples, celery sticks, and cucumber slices on days 7 and 8. On days 7 and 8, lunch will be spinach soup over cucumber noodles.
  • For dinner, keep eating the salad and steamed asparagus/Brussels sprouts, but on Day 7, add steamed squash, sweet potatoes, or potatoes.
  • Day 9 is an all-liquid day: Sip 8 oz. of water every three hours. Enjoy celery juice, cucumber-apple juice, and fresh-squeezed orange juice as often as desired to flush out remaining poisons from the liver.  Avoid all fats.  Finish the day with a cup of hibiscus or lemon balm tea, as desired.

lose weight

A Sample Day of Liver-Healing Meals

For your first post-cleanse day, William advises beginning with the Liver Rescue Morning Sip and limited fats. “You don’t want to shock your liver by breaking your cleanse with chocolate cake or even an egg white omelet,” William says. Stick with high-quality produce and wait until your second post-cleanse day to reintroduce fat or animal protein.

  • Breakfast: Blend 1⁄4 cup puréed white chia seeds, 1 cup banana, 1⁄2 cup gluten-free oat flour, 1⁄2 tsp. baking soda, 1⁄4 tsp. salt, 1⁄4 cup maple syrup, 1 Tbsp. lemon juice. Stir in 1⁄2 cup frozen wild blueberries. Bake in mini cups at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 min.
  • Lunch: Blend together 1 1⁄2 cups grape tomatoes, 1 stalk celery, 1 garlic clove, 1 orange, 4 cups baby spinach, 2 basil leaves, and half an avocado. Serve at room temp.
  • Dinner: Sauté 1 cup chopped onions in 1⁄2 cup veggie broth; add 1 cup diced mushrooms, 4 minced garlic cloves, 3 cups cooked lentils, cumin to taste. Serve in gluten-free, corn-free tortilla.
  • Snack: Combine 2 cups diced mango with 1⁄2 cup diced red bell peppers, 1⁄4 cup diced red onions, 1⁄4 cup chopped cilantro, 2 Tbsp. lime juice, 1 garlic clove, chili powder as desired.

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