How to prepare your pantry for success?

Do you know that the key to making delicious, nutritious recipes (from Fatty Liver Guide perhaps) is a well-stocked pantry. In this article, let’s learn about how to prepare your pantry for motivation and success.

1. Clean out the fridge, freezer, and pantry.

It may take some time, but you’ll find that clean storage areas will make your cooking and your pantry challenge that much more enjoyable. If feasible, pull everything out, consolidate duplicates, and dump stuff that is no good.

2. Take inventory

Once you’ve cleaned and organized and discarded the icky stuff, take stock of what you have. It’s really important to know what you have so that you can plan great meals from it.

Herbs, spices and condiments will last a long time and are essential to home cooked meals. We recommend you have the following in your cupboards to create your tasty dishes:

HoneyExtra Virgin Coconut OilSaltThymeCinnamonSoy sauce
Coco powderExtra Virgin Olive OilBlack PepperCorianderPaprikaBalsamic vinegar
Baking powderGarlic powderOreganocuminDijon Mustard
Vanilla ExtractChilli powderTahini
Cayenne pepper
Chilli flakes
Curry powder

3. Plan meals

If you’ve cleaned up and organized your food storage and taken inventory of what you have, you should be able to make a meal plan. You may want to sit down with your inventory list and start brainstorming about meal ideas you could make with from your inventory.

prepare your pantry
Planning meals is a joyful activity that you may want to do with your friends or family members. That will surely add spices to not only your meals but also your life.

For more inspiration, head to the Recipes section on this website and get many ready-made recipes for your diet plan.

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