Broccoli helps prevent cancer and NAFLD

You already know broccoli is good for you, but did you know it may ward of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease?

According to this March 2016 study, broccoli has the potential to counter NAFLD in addition to its well-known anti-cancer development properties.

The study, which bears the ponderous name Dietary Broccoli Lessens Development of Fatty Liver in Mice Given Diethylnitrosamine and Fed a Western or Control Diet, primarily showed broccoli’s impact on the formation and progression of cancerous tumors in the liver but also indicated it could help in the fight against NAFLD.

Broccoli isn’t just good for your looks, but for your liver too, according to a recent study.

Lipid (fat) globules which formed during the progression of NAFLD were increased in output and were hindered from developing initially when broccoli was a certain percentage of the mice’s diet, according to the study.

Adult male mice were fed either a control or Western (high in fat and sugar) diet for comparison purposes during the study.

Both total triglicerides and the degree of NAFLD were lower in the control diet, which included broccoli.

Though humans aren’t mice, rodents have traditionally been used for in-vivo studies and as mammals, our livers are said to function on a similar trajectory, making the results of this study promising for those embarking on a healthier, higher-vegetable, lower-fat diet in order to combat NAFLD.


How to cook broccoli?

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