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signs of liver damage

The Top Signs of Liver Damage You Can’t Ignore

Located in the upper right-hand portion of the body, the liver is your largest internal organ. It’s responsible for many vital functions, including detoxification, metabolism, digestion, production of essential protein components, and storage of important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Liver damage can cause disruption to these functions, affecting your health. Failure to taking good care of your life […]

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How sugar affects our bodies?

Here’s what happens to your system when you eat something packed with the sweet stuff – sugar. The instant something sweet touches your tongue, your taste buds direct-message your brain: deee-lish. Your noggin’s reward system ignites, unleashing dopamine. Meanwhile, the sugar you swallowed lands in your stomach, where it’s diluted by digestive juices and shuttled into […]

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Fatty Liver Guide has been built up with a single purpose of providing free & reliable tips to help people reverse fatty livers and live healthily. As this community grows bigger, we (the admins) are happy to assist more patients, who are struggling with fatty liver diseases. We’ve recently set up a dedicated website, besides […]

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