Understanding Fatty Liver Ultrasound Grading

Understand Fatty Liver Ultrasound Grading

Fatty liver disease, also known as hepatic steatosis, is a common condition that occurs when excess fat builds up in the liver. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including obesity, high cholesterol, and alcohol consumption. One way doctors diagnose fatty liver disease is through a liver ultrasound, which can provide valuable information … Read more

Ginseng: The treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome


Ginseng is native to the Siberian plain and to many parts of Asia. Ginseng has long been used as an energy tonic in traditional Chinese medicine, and its use dates back thousands of years. Major benefits of ginseng While the many health benefits of ginseng have long been known to the world of traditional Chinese … Read more

Consuming GMO foods is more harmful than you think


When it comes to “good for you,” a chronic condition can change everything you thought you knew about nutrition and food-supported health. For example, consuming oils should mean greater risk of weight gain, and an overweight condition is linked to a variety of health conditions. Yet certain oils may actually help reverse illness when taken in specific … Read more

Honey Bees: 4 useful products for liver disease

honey bees

At Fatty Liver Guide, you have surely absorbed a lot of information regarding liver disease and treatment. Today, let’s explore how products from honey bees are useful to you. The liver is without a doubt one of the busiest organs in the body. It handles everything from filtering blood to storing nutrients. Due to its … Read more

Echinacea: Cold fighter and immune system booster


The herb, Echinacea, also called the purple coneflower, actually consists of nine distinct species, but only three varieties are used in herbal medicine. Those three varieties are: Engustifolia Pallida Purpurea It is native to the plains of the North American continent, and it has been cultivated for many years and used in traditional medicine and … Read more

Liver Cleansing Diets: 17 Benefits You Don’t Know (Yet)

Liver cleansing diets

Liver cleansing diets are never boring. You will eat more vegetables than ever before, delight in fruits, eat different types of protein foods, nuts, and wholesome grains. Herb teas and pure water are included as well as vegetable juices. All foods are made from wholesome organic sources and protein sources are grass-fed and antibiotic-free. The … Read more